Dental ProphylaxisDental disease is common in most dogs, cats, and ferrets, even with regular brushing! Excess tartar and calculus traps bacteria within the mouth, leading to irreversible periodontal disease and gingivitis. If left untreated, your pet may develop painful tooth root infections, loose teeth, and bad breath. We can slow the progression of dental disease with regular cleanings.

Each dental cleaning procedure includes preoperative exam, blood-work, full mouth digital x-rays, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and Oravet sealant. An IV catheter is placed after a dose of sedation to decrease the stress associated with the procedure. Once your pet is completely sedated, an endotracheal tube is placed to secure the airway during the cleaning procedure. X-rays are taken to look at the health of the tooth root and surrounding bone. Any additional treatments needed (extractions, gingival pocket packing, etc.) will be discussed and completed at that time or scheduled for a future date. Pediatric anesthesia monitoring equipment is used during the entire procedure to insure your pet’s safety.

Your pet will be returned to the comfort of their own space to finish recovering from anesthesia, and our team will stay until they are awake and stable.