Diagnostic Testing
Specialty Labs give us the opportunity to diagnose and create treatment options that will be the most direct and beneficial to your pet.

My Pet’s MVP monitors all anesthetic procedures with the same equipment used in human hospitals.

Specialized Equipment
My Pet’s MVP houses specialized equipment for dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles and birds.

We have specialized diagnostic tools for any of your pet’s needs. Our mobile clinic houses digital x-ray, two surgical areas (one for dental cleanings, one for other surgeries), a complete lab with blood chemistry and hematology machines for most species, ultrasound, cautery and lasers for therapeutic and surgical needs. We also have wonderful relationships with specialty laboratories across the country.

A Home for Your Pet
Do you have questions about what the best food or habitat is best for your pet? Dr. Kingsley and her staff can answer any questions you may have about your pet’s needs.

Specialty Labs
Routine blood work is reccommended for an early diagnosis of a problem with your pet’s health before it becomes an issue.