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It is with great sadness, we must announce the CLOSURE of My Pet’s MVP on May 15, 2015. 

It has been a pleasure to serve so many wonderful pets and their people.

Dr. Dailey will be working at Farrell Animal Hospital in Arlington.

Glen is looking for a job.

What’s about to follow is not a list of excuses or complaints, but a heartfelt explanation of why we need to shut down.  We feel we owe a complete explanation to our many friends and clients that we have developed over the last two and a half years.

We wish we did not have to come to this conclusion, but the economic model of our business has not worked.  It is very expensive and time consuming to maintain a vehicle like ours.  For every 4 hours of house calls there is about an hour of work to maintain the vehicle or the supplies inside it.  Surgery packs need to be scrubbed, ultrasonically cleaned, assembled and sterilized.  Blankets and towels have to be washed.  Inventories of drugs, vaccines, heartworm medications, sterile packs, syringes, needles, saline solution, tube sets, catheters, and a hundred other supplies must be counted, ordered and restocked.  Generators and Truck engines must have regular servicing.  The vehicle must be washed frequently to maintain a good image.  Computers, Software, Printers, X-Ray Equipment, Blood Machines, Gas Anesthesia Machines, Dental Cleaning Equipment, Refrigerators, Surgery Lights, Large Viewing Screens which fold down out of the ceiling, Facebook Page, Website and Voice Processing System have to be maintained and work. Most of these items have had major issues or have been replaced during the last two years. Most companies have several people just to maintain these systems.

Additionally, we have the physical over exertion issues, because of lack of staff.  Dr. Dailey and Glen have both developed issues associated with lifting heavy animals in a manner that is not good for the back and spine.

On top of all of this, we have invested all of our savings, inheritance, a huge amount of debt and now the last remaining 401K plan just to make ends meet.  Our house is now on the market because we can no longer afford to live in our neighborhood.  We have taken a huge step backwards financially, and more troubling, we continue to move backwards.

The Problem is simply a matter of numbers.  In our mobile practice, we cannot physically see enough appointments in a day.  We have a FULL schedule every day.  Our marketing has been so effective, we refer on average about 7 appointments per day to the other mobile vets and have been for over a year.  Each of our house calls takes longer BECAUSE of our MVP, its’ facilities and our printed records.  In a fixed practice, a Doctor can see 4, 5 or more appointments in the same time as 1 appointment in the MVP.  And in the fixed practice the Doctor has technicians who do all of the “non-doctor” stuff.   

So, we hope to find a government entity or someone with deep pockets who can utilize this wonderful vehicle we have built.  The sale of the vehicle and support equipment will help pay off some of the debt incurred to build it.  Dr. Dailey and Glen will have to work a long time to pay off debt and rebuild some savings or retirement that we had before starting this venture.

Low Cost Veterinary Care
Camp Bow Wow Duncanville
9 am - 12 Noon

 May 2
519 E Highway 67 • Duncanville • TX
972-296-9663 Camp Bow Wow

Low Cost Veterinary Care
Duncanville Feed Store
9 am - 1 pm

 May 9
219 N Main St • Duncanville • TX
469-734-7978 Heath Mobile Vet

My Pet’s MVP™

Featured Service

Digital Radiology

Our Mobile Veterinarian has the ability to perform Radiology – Digital X-rays – to help our mobile veterinarian evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems.   We also offer dental X-rays for closer examination of teeth.  You receive a disk with the full DICOM images and a DICOM Viewer for you own records if desired.


Radiographs cost $160 for up to 4 views.  Call and schedule an appointment for Digital Radiographs in the comfort of your home!

Dental Care

Regular professional cleaning is important to maintaining your pet's teeth. We use modern and safe ultrasonic instruments to clean each tooth thoroughly - above and below the gum line.

We only clean teeth out of medical necessity.  If you have received a card from a veterinarian saying it is time for a dental, check that card closely... it probably says it is time for a "dental check-up" or evaluation.  Most dogs do not need their teeth cleaned annually or even every two years. 

Small dogs generally need dental cleaning more frequently than larger dogs. But, it is really the dog or cat's individual chemistry that dictates dental cleaning.  If the teeth get covered in a heavy tartar, and it allows bacteria to be trapped below the gum line, a dog or cat's breath is generally pretty foul smelling.  That is when it is time for a dental cleaning.  Removing the tartar above and below the gum line with the ultrasonic scaler, polishing, treating with Fluoride and then sealing the teeth with a good sealer - will help clean up the pet's breath.  This will also help a pet to live longer by keeping the gums as a source for serious infection to a minimum.

Teeth are polished to create a smooth, lustrous tooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup. Fluoride treatments help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.  A sealer is used to further protect the exterior surface of the teeth from harmful elements.

Advanced dental care is available, including digital x-rays and extractions.


Vials of Vaccinations

Your pet's lifestyle and environmental exposure are evaluated, and vaccines are given for those diseases your pet is at risk of contracting.  My Pet's MVP Mobile Veterinary practice provides these vaccinations both at your home and in our Vaccine Clinics, usually held on the first Saturday of the month.  Here is a simple explanation of why we vaccinate our pets.

Vaccinations are given to our pets to help strengthen their immune systems against the various diseases in their environment.  Rabies and Distemper/Parvo are widespread in the North Texas area and that is why those vaccines are considered "Core" vaccines.

Core Vaccinations for a dog over a year old are Rabies and Distemper/Parvo. 

For a cat, the core vaccinations are Rabies and Distemper. 

A young puppy needs 3 sets of shots, spaced one month apart, starting at 6 to 8 weeks of age.  The puppy shots include a Distemper/Parvo Vaccine all three times, deworming the first two times, and on the third visit, the puppy receives a 1 year Rabies vaccination.  We usually apply a topical flea/mite/heartworm medication all three times as well.

If your environment contains animals who are frequently found around water, such as raccoons, possums or skunks, then your pet should receive a Lepto Vaccination in addition to the core vaccines.

If your environment contans a lot of Ticks, then your pet should receive the Lyme's Vaccination in addition to the core vaccines.

If your pet is going to be boarded at a boarding facility or pet resort or if you are taking your pet to a groomer, most will require a Bordatella Vaccination (Kennel Cough) in addition to the core vaccines.  We use an oral vaccine for this most of the time, saving your pet from another shot.

Some pet related venues will require you to have a Canine Influenza vaccination.

And if your environment has a lot of rattle snakes, there is a Rattle Snake Vaccine available.  This vaccine does not eliminate the threat of a rattle snake bite, but it helps slow down the destructive effects of a rattle snake bite, giving you more time to get your pet to an animal hospital where they can receive Anti-Venom.

We strive to prevent illness whenever possible.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call your mobile veterinarian.  Your pet's lifestyle and exposure are evaluated, and vaccines are given for those diseases your pet is "at risk" of contracting.

HOUSE CALL Veterinarian


Welcome to the Wonderful World of My Pet's MVP - Mobile Veterinary Practice.  We hope you enjoy the experience of our Mobile Veterinarian.  Our design concept is to provide our clients an Exceptional Experience with our Outstanding Service in an Extraordinary Environment - your home or driveway.  Everything about pur Mobile Animal Hospital is meant to help you, the pet owner, provide exceptional care for your pets.  From our custom designed vehicles to our easy to use, informative website & online store (where you can order everything from prescription drugs to food supplies) - we are here to serve you.

Our CLIENT EDUCATION CENTER is the one of the most valuable RESOURCES to owners of pets. You no longer wait in a waiting room while your pet is out of view “in the back.” You become part of the “crew” with the ability to see and be involved in all aspects of your pet’s care. The Doctor will explain each step of your pet’s treatment, consulting and educating YOU with different scenarios. Whether it is showing you the digital radiograph on a 46” monitor that folds down out of the ceiling, the results of and meanings of blood tests, or just a frank discussion about nutrition – YOU get the benefits of all of this training and education for FREE! You will be taught the cause and effect of your pet’s health like never before!  We are like no other Mobile Veterinarian! 

Think about the last time you went to the doctor for yourself. How much time did that doctor spend with you? How much time did the doctor spend educating you about the various things related to the cause of your visit?  Our mobile Veterinarian will spend the entire time with you.

In September 2012, we equipped Mobile Veterinary Practice Vehicle 1 with a Laser Scalpel and Recovery Therapy Laser. We view properly used lasers as being beneficial to the pets.